The SmartVest by AUPRO™

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Looking for more safety for you and your family? 

Try our SmartVest by AUPRO™

The Waterproof SmartVest by AUPRO™ is suitable for cyclists, skateboardersbike and scooter riders, joggers, and walkers. The SmartVest by AUPRO™ can also be attached to backpacks

Why trying our SmartVest by AUPRO™?

✔  Direction Indicator

This SmartVest by AUPRO™ is equipped with reflective strips and LED lights. The LED responds to a signal received from the remote controller, which helps other passengers and drivers to keep the right distance from you.

✔  Easily Assembled

This SmartVest by AUPRO™ can be easily assembled on your cycling backpack or body. This is absolutely a perfect add-on for road cycling.

✔  Wireless Remote Control

With the wireless remote, you can safely use the SmartVest by AUPRO™ when riding. You can easily tie the remote on the bike to make sure you never have to take your hands off the handlebar. The remote is Waterproof.

✔  Multi Connection Remote 

You can pair and control up to two vests with one remote for easy coordination.

✔  5 LED Signal Available

It has 5 Led signals: left, right, forward, stop and flash, from turn signals to emergency signals, to remind drivers to keep their distance.

✔  Great Outdoor Company

The SmartVest by AUPRO™ can be used for any outdoor activities such as riding, climbing, and outing.

✔  USB Rechargeable 

The SmartVest by AUPRO™ is USB Rechargeable and has a battery life of 5 hours for an hour of charge. 

✔  Adjustable Straps

The Adjustable Straps adapts to any size.


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Included in the Package :

1* SmartVest by AUPRO™

1* Wireless Remote 

4* Handlebar Straps

1* USB Cable

1* Manual